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  • Chairwoman Preckwinkle's Machine takeover a far cry from days of Fast Eddie April 19, 2018
    As gatherings of the Democratic Party go, Wednesday's meeting of the Cook County Central Committee was a lovefest. No insults. No accusations of betrayal.…
  • Is Illinois ready for a potential influx of stoned drivers? April 19, 2018
    If recreational marijuana finally becomes legal in Illinois, driving to a cannabis dispensary will be as commonplace as swinging by the liquor store. But are Illinois police officers ready to keep the streets safe from a potential influx of stoned drivers?…
  • The time Chicago skinheads beat up a Nazi April 19, 2018
    The Reader's archive is vast and varied, going back to 1971. Every day in Archive Dive, we'll dig through and bring up some finds. Earlier this year I noticed what could generously be described as a trend in nostalgic punk journalism; revisiting war stories of leftist (or at least left-leaning) punks squaring off with young […]
  • Here’s what happened when I took a weed bath April 19, 2018
    Can you get high from soaking in a tub full of pot-infused bath salts? I discovered marijuana-infused bath products on a hazy trip to Portland in 2016.…
  • How and why did G Herbo’s show at the Vic get canceled? April 18, 2018
    Promoter Peter Jideonwo of Pete's House says that on Friday night, when G Herbo was supposed to headline the Vic, the Chicago rapper had planned to present Chance the Rapper's nonprofit Social Works with a check for $20,000. But earlier this week the venue canceled the performance, which Jideonwo had booked, after the Chicago Police Department and […]
  • On winning wars and losing memories April 18, 2018
    The Reader's archive is vast and varied, going back to 1971. Every day in Archive Dive, we'll dig through and bring up some finds. A horrifying statistic pierced through printing presses, cyberspace, and the broadcast airwaves last week: 22 percent of millennials don't know about the Holocaust.…
  • Rauner’s reefer madness rules despite overwhelming support for legal pot April 17, 2018
    As if anyone needed another reason to oust Bruce Rauner, consider this: there will never be legalized marijuana in Illinois as long as he's governor. Just in case his attempts to bankrupt public education weren't enough of a deterrent to casting a vote for his reelection. All right, on the week of 4/20, the time has […]
  • Aldermen's absolute veto power over ward projects gets unlikely court challenge April 16, 2018
    GlenStar, the luxury developer at odds with 41st Ward alderman Anthony Napolitano over a proposed 299-unit apartment building near the Cumberland Blue Line, has sued the city in an attempt to secure the necessary zoning changes to proceed with construction. But buried in its demands that a judge find city officials' actions regarding its proposed […]
  • Donald Trump impersonator: Just don't punch me, please April 16, 2018
    Chicagoans is a first-person account from off the beaten track, as told to Anne Ford. This week's Chicagoan is Dennis Alan, 67, the Ultimate Donald Trump Impersonator. By nature's curse or benefit or whatever, I just happen to look like Donald Trump.…
  • Weed Week: Get in the mood for 4/20 with these photos by Chicagoans dedicated to legal weed April 16, 2018
    It's weed week, Chicago! As you know, Chicago overwhelmingly voted in favor of legalizing marijuana completely in March. [content-1] So since Friday is 4/20, we've rounded up some of the best photos from Chicago Instagram accounts dedicated to 4/20 and legalized weed. …