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  • Once a street gang, then a political collective, the Young Lords celebrate 50 years with a symposium at DePaul September 21, 2018
    "We're not from Humboldt Park or Lincoln Park, we're Puerto Ricans." Students Confront DePaul," reads the headline from a news brief in the first issue of Y.L.O., the official newsletter of the Young Lords, the Chicago-based Puerto Rican political organization.…
    Kerry Cardoza
  • This November suburban voters have the chance to dump Trump's enablers September 19, 2018
    Get rid of rubber-stampers Roskam, Hultgren, and Kinzinger and stun the nation! With the much-anticipated race between Governor Bruce Rauner and J.B. Prtitzker coming down the stretch run for November's election, voters everywhere are looking forward to . . . Chicago's mayoral election?…
    Ben Joravsky
  • America, start bowling again September 19, 2018
    Fall is all about those spares, splits, and strikes. In 1936, a real-life Indiana Jones type named Sir Flinders Petrie journeyed to Egypt hoping to unearth a pharaoh's fortune. The British explorer instead ransacked a child's tomb and discovered evidence of a crude form of bowling dating back at least 5,000 years.…
    Ryan Smith
  • The perfect storm, or the two weeks in October when sports are king September 19, 2018
    Chicago's fall frenzy makes fairweather fandom fun. For Chicago sports fans who pay just a visit or two to Wrigley each season—usually thanks to the good fortune of free tickets—or swivel a bar stool away from a plate of nachos only after they hear a collective "Hurrah!" hurled at a wall of TVs, the two […]
    Kevin Warwick
  • Following the Van Dyke trial through the WBEZ podcast 16 Shots September 19, 2018
    The audio show explores every perspective of the high-profile case. WBEZ's Jenn White has a knack for telling Chicago's modern history. In her podcasts Making Oprah and Making Obama, White recounted the captivating stories of local personalities gone global, and her current coverage of the Laquan McDonald case follows in that vein.…
    Devlyn Camp
  • Hotel workers' strike now in its second week with no end in sight September 18, 2018
    On Monday the largest hotel workers' strike in Chicago history entered its second week with negotiations still under way and many hotel beds still left unmade. Thousands of members of Unite Here Local One, which represents more than 15,000 area hospitality workers, are picketing around the clock at 25 local hotels (a full list is […]
    Brita Hunegs
  • With Bill Daley running for mayor, it’s good to remember what happened the last time we turned Chicago over to the Daleys September 17, 2018
    Just when I thought the mayor's race couldn't get any weirder, into the fray jumps a Daley. William M., to be exact. As opposed to—well, I'll get to the Daley clan in a bit. There were already 11 announced candidates when, on September 4, Mayor Emanuel dropped a "Rahm-Shell," as the Sun-Times headline put it, […]
    Ben Joravsky
  • How women came together to take down the Orwells September 13, 2018
    Content warning: sexual assault For years, women in Chicago had been warning each other to steer clear of the Orwells.…
    Rachel Zyzda
  • Pro tip for mayoral hopefuls: Don't govern by press release, do sweat the small stuff September 13, 2018
    This story was originally published by ProPublica Illinois. The day after Mayor Rahm Emanuel rocked the city's political establishment by announcing he wasn't running for reelection, Chicago police officer Ray Tracy opened the September community meeting for police beats 815 and 821 the way he does every month, by going over the good news and bad […]
    Mick Dumke
  • Chicago 1968: The Whole World Is Watching chronicles the chaos of the infamous DNC convention September 12, 2018
    Here's what happened when writer Terry Southern and photographer Michael Cooper flew in to cover it—with William S. Burroughs and Jean Genet along for the ride. One afternoon a little more than 50 years ago, the photographer Michael Cooper wandered into the bar at the Chateau Marmont in LA and happened to run into a […]
    Aimee Levitt