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  • Seoul asked to offer 'big promises' to NK
    The government is asking the United States and the governments of regional allies to promise not to launch military offensives against North Korea to convince Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.
  • Cho Kuk dominates Chuseok political agenda
    The political parties have exchanged barbs over the appointment of Justice Minister Cho Kuk during the four-day Chuseok holiday, prompting concerns that the next session of the National Assembly may be paralyzed. The opposition stepped up its offensive against the Moon Jae-in administration for appointing Cho as minister, holding rallies and calling for his resignation.
  • Autumn skies
  • Tokyo refuses Seoul's help over NK firing
    Japan did not ask South Korea for intelligence on North Korea's recent launch of two “unidentified projectiles” after Seoul ended its military information sharing pact with Tokyo.
  • Cho Kuk's cousin questioned over family investments
    Prosecutors have been questioning a cousin of newly appointed Justice Minister Cho Kuk, who is at the center of allegations about suspicious investments in a private equity fund by the latter's family.
  • Moon's mission in New York: 'Get nuke talks restarted'
    President Moon Jae-in will face his biggest challenge in New York, next week, in his signature “engagement-centric” North Korean policy as he will be tasked with persuading U.S. President Donald Trump and leaders of allied countries for a “new approach” to restart nuclear disarmament talks with Pyongyang. Cheong Wa Dae spokeswoman Ko Min-jung said Moon […]
  • Line 2, Express Bus Terminal 'most sexual crime-prone areas'
    Subway Line 9 was the second most prone with 1,479 cases since 2015, followed by Line 1 (848 cases), Line 4 (756 cases), Line 3 (407 cases), Line 5 (288 cases), Line 6 (163 cases) and Line 8 (41 cases). Noryangjin Station was the second most sexual crime-prone subway station (24 cases since July) after […]
  • Winner of Mexican embassy-The Korea Times photo contest
  • [INTERVIEW] Pakistan eyes more investment opportunities with Korea
    Businessman-turned-bureaucrat Abdul Razak Dawood admits Pakistan lags behind India, Bangladesh and ASEAN countries when it comes to trade with Korea. But Pakistan’s minister for commerce, textile, industry, production and investment also argues that his country is more competitive in terms of free trade zones and other investment opportunities.