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  • China vows to defend its interests against US trade actions March 22, 2018
    BEIJING (AP) — The Chinese government has vowed to take "all necessary measures" to defend China's interests if President Donald Trump targets China for allegedly stealing American technology or pressuring U.S. companies to hand it over. The Commerce Ministry said in a statement Thursday that "China will not sit idly to see its legitimate rights […]
  • US facing off against AT&T to block merger with Time Warner March 22, 2018
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is facing off against AT&T to block the telephone giant from absorbing Time Warner, in a case that could shape how consumers get — and how much they pay for — streaming TV and movies. Opening arguments come Thursday in the landmark antitrust case in federal court in Washington. […]
  • AP Exclusive: Toy co. CEO leads effort to salvage Toys R Us March 22, 2018
    NEW YORK (AP) — Toy company executive Isaac Larian says he and other investors have pledged a total of $200 million in financing and hope to raise four times that amount in crowdfunding in order to bid for up to 400 of the Toys R Us stores being liquidated in bankruptcy. The unsolicited bid still […]
    By ANNE D'INNOCENZIO, AP Retail Writer
  • Deadly crash raises questions about Uber self-driving system March 22, 2018
    TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Video of a deadly self-driving vehicle crash in suburban Phoenix shows a pedestrian walking from a darkened area onto a street just moments before an Uber SUV strikes her. The lights on the SUV didn't illuminate 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg on Sunday night until a second or two before impact, raising questions […]
    By TOM KRISHER and JACQUES BILLEAUD, Associated Press
  • Can Zuckerberg's media blitz take the pressure off Facebook? March 22, 2018
    NEW YORK (AP) — In the wake of a privacy scandal involving a Trump-connected data-mining firm, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg embarked on a rare media mini-blitz in an attempt to take some of the public and political pressure off the social network. But it's far from clear whether he's won over U.S. and European authorities, […]
  • NKorean sanctions evasions reveal Hong Kong's middleman role March 22, 2018
    HONG KONG (AP) — In the dead of night last month, two tanker ships pulled alongside each other in the East China Sea. One was a North Korean vessel, the other was the Belize-flagged Wan Heng 11. Lights on both ships were blazing, arousing a Japanese spy plane's suspicion they were carrying out a "ship-to-ship" […]
    By KELVIN CHAN, AP Business Writer
  • Asian shares mixed after Fed raises interest rates March 22, 2018
    BANGKOK (AP) — Shares were mixed in Asia on Thursday after U.S. stock indexes finished with small losses following the Federal Reserve's interest rate hike. KEEPING SCORE: Japan's Nikkei 225 index gained 1.0 percent to 21,591.25 while the Kospi in South Korea added 0.4 percent to 2,494.09. Hong Kong's Hang Seng dropped 0.2 percent to […]
    By ELAINE KURTENBACH, AP Business Writer
  • Starbucks offers sparkling Crystal Ball Frappucino for buzz March 22, 2018
    NEW YORK (AP) — Starbucks, thirsty for some social media magic, is releasing its latest sugary concoction: the fortune-telling Crystal Ball Frappucino. The sparkling candy sprinkles-festooned drink will be available for five days in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It follows similar limited-time drinks, such as the coffee chain's color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino. Starbucks hopes the […]
  • With fate of economy in his hands, Powell plays it low-key March 22, 2018
    In his first news conference as head of the world's leading central bank, Jerome Powell avoided any professorial lectures. His replies were briefer than his predecessors'. He said nothing of himself personally. He projected the air of an experienced technocrat, more steeped in finance than the complexities of economic theory. If anyone was wondering how […]
    By JOSH BOAK, AP Economics Writer
  • Facebook's Zuckerberg apologizes for 'major breach of trust' March 22, 2018
    NEW YORK (AP) — Breaking five days of silence, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for a "major breach of trust," admitted mistakes and outlined steps to protect user data in light of a privacy scandal involving a Trump-connected data-mining firm. "I am really sorry that happened," Zuckerberg said of the scandal involving data mining firm […]