Could, Would, and Should: MODAL Verbs [The Fearless Fluency Club]

(video:Speak English With Vanessa)

1. Could :

a. Polite Suggestion (polite advice or polite request) For example: You could go to dance.

b. PAST of Can. For example: Before I watched this video, I couldn't understand "could". But now I can understand.

c. Possibilities of the future: For example : I think it could rain today (or it might rain today). I could go to Bacelona for vacation

or I could go to Italy,


2. Would

a. Polite REQUEST . For example: Would you help me? Would you explain this, please.

b. Will in the past. For example: I would take the bus.

c. Hypothetical Situations (imaginary situation). For example (if  …past…+ would) : If I were president of my country, I would change the education system.

3. Should ===>GIVING ADVICE (polite advice). For exmple: You shouldn't worry about that. People can understand English.

You should probably clean the office before the weekend.

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