ENGLISH VOCABULARY – all about the laundry

(video: Rachel's English)

You can learn English vocabulary in the best possible way with this video—by learning the correct pronunciation of English words directly from an English speaking teacher that is also a native speaker! You’ll learn English pronunciation for all of the words related to doing the laundry. This video is a fun, easy and step-by-step guide for English speaking and vocabulary pronunciation practice—all about the laundry!

English words are notoriously difficult, but with a little effort you can really increase your skills. You will help me do my laundry and learn English vocabulary along the way. I will teach you the precise, correct pronunciation of each word, including the spelling of each vocabulary word using IPA.

The next time you need to do the laundry you’ll know exactly what to say! And whenever you feel more confident, your pronunciation and English speaking sound better and more smooth. That’s the idea for my entire channel: I want you to learn English, master English words, expand your vocabulary and get tons of English speaking practice. And I want you to have a lot of fun as you do it! I hope you enjoy this free English lesson and I hope you check out the rest of my videos as well. There’s a lot of vocabulary for you to learn, and when you’re having fun it’s so much easier to learn English!

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