Thơ Lưu Diệu Vân | LƯU DIỆU VÂN Poet – Translator – Editor






Lưu Diệu Vân, born December 1979, is a poet, literary translator, and co-editor of the bilingual literary magazine She received her Master’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts in 2009. Her bilingual works and translations have been published in numerous print literary journals and online magazines. Her publications include 47 Minutes After 7poetry, Van Nghe Publisher (2010), The Transparent Greenness of Grass, flash fiction, Tre Publishing House, co-author (2012), Poems of Lưu Diệu Vân, Lưu Mêlan, Nhã Thuyên, co-author, Vagabond Press (2013), M of December, Vagabond Press (2106). She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.


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