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  • Cyclone lashes remote Australian coast with wind, rains March 23, 2019
    A vast and powerful cyclone made landfall Saturday along a remote stretch of the northern Australian coast, bringing fierce winds and heavy rains amid safety fears for a small number of residents who've stayed in the area.
  • What to know about the end of the Islamic State group's 'caliphate' March 23, 2019
    The announcement of victory over the Islamic State group in Syria marks the end of the extremists' self-styled caliphate, a proto-state in which they held millions hostage to their dark and brutal vision. Here's what to know about the state of the group now.
  • U.S.-backed Syrian force declares victory over Islamic State March 23, 2019
    U.S.-backed forces declared military victory over the Islamic State group in Syria on Saturday after liberating the last pocket of territory held by the militants, marking the end of a brutal self-styled caliphate the group carved out in large parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014.
  • With Washington abuzz, Mueller's report is delivered quietly March 23, 2019
    U.S. Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday turned over his long-awaited final report on the contentious Russia investigation that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump's presidency.
  • Sanders aims for strong showing in delegate-rich California March 23, 2019
    When Bernie Sanders heads to San Diego on Friday for the first of three California campaign rallies, he will be asking for votes in a Democratic contest in which he's a top-shelf candidate. He'll be campaigning in a state that could be pivotal to choosing the Democratic nominee.
  • Battle over Mueller report to be pressed by Democrats March 23, 2019
    Within minutes of receiving notification that special counsel Robert Mueller had turned over his report on the Russia investigation, congressional Democrats were calling for the report to be fully released, including the underlying evidence. They have threatened subpoenas if it is not.
  • Beyond Mueller report, Trump faces flurry of legal perils March 22, 2019
    U.S. President Donald Trump portrayed Robert Mueller as the bane of his existence, but even with the special counsel's Russia investigation wrapped up, he may still have to contend with state and federal investigators in New York.
  • A look at Russians who became mixed up in Mueller probe March 22, 2019
    An investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into an elaborate Russian operation that sought to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and try to help Donald Trump win the White House has cast a spotlight on more than a dozen Russian nationals, including billionaires, an elusive linguist, an ambassador and a pop star.
  • Washington awaits results after Mueller wraps Russia probe March 22, 2019
    Special counsel Robert Mueller closed his long and contentious Russia investigation with no new charges, ending the probe that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump's presidency. The Justice Department was expected to release the main findings as soon as Saturday.
  • Suspect confessed to Utrecht tram shooting: prosecutors March 22, 2019
    The main suspect in a deadly shooting in a tram in the central Dutch city of Utrecht has confessed to the attack and said he acted alone, prosecutors announced Friday.
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