Learn English Grammar FAST: The Second and Third Conditional

I/ The Second Conditional for IMAGINATION : VERY SMALL Chance of happening.

===>If + Past Simple + Would (or Would'nt) + Present SIMPLE (without to)

For examples:

If I was rich, I would give money to charity.

If I saw a ghost, I would be scared.

If she liked her job, she would'nt want to change it.

If I won the lottery, I would buy a Ferrari


II/ The Second  Conditional for Advice

If I were you, I would drive carrefully.


==========>The Third Conditional

a) The Third Conditional  is used to talk about the past (regret/wish) . Form: If + Past Perfect + Would + Have + Past Participle

=========>For Examples:

If I had remembered to set my alarm, I would'nt have be en late for work.

If I had revised the test, I would have passed it. If I had left ealier this morning, I would'nt have missed the train.

b) One action caused another action to happen in the past

I hadn't gone to the party, I would'nt have met my boyfriend.

(Video: Love English with Leila & Sabrah)


This is an intermediate to upper intermediate lesson on the two English grammar structures, the second and third conditional. We look at the form and the use of both these forms. Learn these difficult grammar structures with our simple explanations and improve your grammar. Learn and improve your confidence with grammar with this video. This is also a great video for improving your English listening practice and learning new English vocabulary. We are both native speakers and professional English teachers and so we try to make the English language easy for everyone and we hope that you can learn step by step with us. We have videos on English grammar, vocabulary, English pronunciation and listening.

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